Emulator Playstation 1: ePSXe

This software is Emulator Playstation 1 for computer. You can play games Playstation 1 with this software. ePSXe is considered the #1 PSX emulator. Most games emulate flawlessly, but you may encounter lock-ups and an assortment of bugs. ePSXe lets you play any of your Playstation games on your computer via your CD-ROM or with Playstation ISO's (FYI, an ISO is a file or archive of files which build up a single CD video game). Having a good video card is important if you want the best ePSXe experience. With Pete's OpenGL plug-in (and others), ePSXe can render 3D graphics to fit a specified resolution. That means 3D edges will be sharp instead of pixilated. The two images toward the right are examples of this.. Here you can download Emulator Playstation 1: ePSXe. [Pass: oneeblog.com]

Enjoy it !


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