The New Avira Version 2012 Bussines Edition

  The New Avira Version 2012 Bussines EditionFast, lightweight performance is now united with the latest innovations in malware elimination and prevention. Choose malware detection for desktops that goes undetected by users.

Configurable Presentation Mode
You can choose to suspend nonessential messages during presentations or while using other full-screen applications.

Scanning in low priority mode
Our System Scanner has been optimized to run quietly in the background without slowing down your normal activities.

Better Protection
We’ve hardened all components to outfox new forms of malware that escape traditional virus scanning methods.

Better Repair Functionality
We’ve updated our repair technologies to provide the most effective removal of malware—and any traces it leaves behind.

IPv6 support
IPv6 protocol is now fully supported. The New Avira Version 2012 Bussines Edition protects you in today’s online world—and tomorrow’s too.

Faster startup and performance
The New Avira Version 2012 Bussines Edition is leaner on system resources than ever before. That means both faster scanning and less waiting while booting up.


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