The New Version of Mozilla: Firefox 8

Mozilla today released a new beta version of Firefox that gives some new options for searching, controlling tabs, and managing add-on.

The Firefox 8 beta is available for Windows | Mac | Android | Linux. The Firefox 8 beta is the latest version will be released this recent with Mozilla development cycle that was held six weeks caecal, in which programmers update the browser with the organization'sonly a little change but it can bring Mozilla it self into a more perfect.

Interserting with new version of Mozilla that is presence a search for Twitter. For loyal users of Mozilla Firefox can easily find account Twitter or tweet via this browser. according to us as users Mozillah Firefox, the breakthrough time is very exciting and eagerly awaited.

New features in Mozilla Firefox 8 Beta include the following:
  • Twitter is now an option for Firefox's built-in search box, letting people more easily find results for particular usernames or hashtags. 
  • When people drag tabs into a new position or tear them off into a new window, the tabs are represented by an animated version of the tab rather than just a thin line. 
  • When Firefox restores tabs from a previous session, for example when the browser or computer is restarted, it can be set to load only the active tab initially. With this setting, other tabs reload only when they're viewed. 
  • Add-ons such as toolbars that are installed by third-party software won't run until the user grants permission. 
  • When users upgrade to the new version, they'll see a dialog box one time that lets them disable add-ons. The dialog box will present an initial selection of only add-ons that were installed from within Firefox, though users can make their own choice. 
  • For the Android version of Firefox, people can set a master password "to encrypt usernames and passwords for extra security," Mozilla said in mobile Firefox release notes. 
  • The Android version also lets people customize the home screen with their own bookmarks. 
  • Restartless add-ons, a technology that lets people install the customizations without restarting the browser, now work on mobile.


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